Field specialist

Field specialist

Employer Schlumberger Limited
Place Kakinada
Period 1/Dec/2005 — 31/Jul/2007
Period 1 years and 7 months


  • Obtained Schlumberger’s Xpert certification in SWT. SWT is a testing process of an oil well usually performed on an oil rig, which starts at flow head and runs all the way to burners. Since SWT crew is responsible for bringing the oil to the surface for the first time, the safety of the personnel, the oil-well and the equipment is of very high priority.
  • Xpert certification includes a training on the selection of equipment for a given SWT project. Since offshore rigs are having limited space on deck, planning the right amount of the spares for immediate on-site maintenance is required to reduce the down time of the oil rig. Click here to see the original certificate
  • Have experience in operating and maintaining the SWT equipment like flow-head, sand filter, choke manifold, heat exchanger, separator, surge tank, burner etc. Also, got trained in operating and maintaining pressure gauges, temperature gauges, and pressure recording devices of different models.
  • Performed in-house inspection for the SWT equipment. Worked with the SWT teams at many offshore and onshore including some HTHP (high temperature and high pressure) wells.


Dennis MCrystal, instructor at Schlumberger’s ELC (European learning center), Paris in the year 2006 commented:

Suresh has been a consistent performer during the course. He is very good at putting theory into practice and gets the job done in a professional and safe manner (proactive as safety officer). He is very motivated and dedicated and this shows in his results. His reporting skills are very strong which proves good attention to the finer details. He could be more assertive and openly confident in his abilities. With experience and confidence, he could be a key figure in the SWT (Surface Well Test) crew.